The Principality of Monaco is located at the Mediterranean coast between the French city Nice and the Italian San Remo. The small principality offers a multiplicity of noble hotels and important objects of interest.

It is surrounded by France, with which it forms a tariff and a monetary union. With a surface of scarcely two km², which one could accommodate nearly on the resident of Munich olympia area, it is the secondarysmallest state of Europe after the Vatikan.

Outgoing from a narrow coastal strip a large part of the national surface lies at or over the schroffen slopes of the coastal mountains. Public elevators help to facilitate the partial steep ascent.

Monaco is constantly endeavored to increase the surface with underground construction measures and/or by land reclamation in the sea. Thus extended within the last two decades the state surface by a fifth, the quarter Fontvieille for example completely developed in this way. In 2017, another extension has begun at sea. 6 acres of footprint on an underwater slab that will house a luxury eco-district with 60,000 square feet of housing. The costs are estimated at 2 billion Eur.

The exclusivity of Monaco with its famous Casino, the amazing circus festival and the numerous rushing celebrations fills the visitors with lots of impressions and empties their purse. Not only the formula 1 Grand Prix tightens annually millions of visitors, and prominent ones are seen here in the hottest clubs and exclusive restaurants.

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